My work coordinates light and color through the use of transparent and opaque glass. I attempt to convey an intimacy to time and space with form and pattern. My hope is that the viewer will stop and look at the piece and by lost in there own space and time.

I began working with glass in 1995 for my neighbor in Eugene Oregon and fell in love almost immediately. My first job was as a flame worker making production pieces for his company and the process was so intriguing that I searched out other artists and learned all that I could from them. I studied both flame working and offhand blowing from many different artists. In 1999 I had the privilege of assisting Hans Ittic, a 7th generation glassblower, for several months. This experience really focused my attention on offhand glassblowing, and I haven’t looked back since. I now own and operate Melting Sands Glass Studio in Ludington Michigan were I produce a small line of limited edition work as well as one of a kind and commissioned artwork. I opened Melting Sands Glass in February 2002 with my partner Holley Binando.

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